We currently have access to: D2, Mazut , Jet Fuels, Crude oil (Middle East Origin), LPG and LNG on FOB basis.

We work  directly with Title Holders and refineries, Not long chain of brokers. If you are buyer or direct to a buyer, we can supply all of the products mentioned above, provide you with satisfying documents, arrange meeting in the official refineries offices and finally close a successful deal. We strictly work based on the current market prices with a reasonable discount or sometimes even above the PLATTS price. (This mostly happens with refineries such as Shell, Exxon, BP and few others. They give you quality and services, So DO NOT expect any discount on the market price) We are well aware that 99.99% of offers from Russia, Nigeria, and some other origins are totally SCAM. No real seller/Titleholder or refinery will send you SCO/FCO/SPA/Invoice on their letterhead via free email address! The refineries DO NOT need mandates to sell their products. Nowadays petroleum business is done mostly based on the connections you have with major players in the business. If you received any SCO/FCO or other documents in your inbox on a well-known refinery letterhead, Just delete the email.  In Russia, For example, there are only few real players :
Rosneft , Gazprom , Bashneft , Lukoil, Tatneft, TNK-BP, Surgutneftegaz, ARVAEnergetika, Russneft, Novatek, Kazmunaigas, Itera, Salym Petroleum Development
And some others, that would never ever issue any letter of any form.
Most of the time if you are buying crude oil, natural gas, diesel or jet fuel – you contact these guys. If by any chance you find yourself holding a proposal issued by one of these companies – it’s a scam.
Our connections to some of these sellers are not over the internet! Before closing any deal and after doing a strict DD on the buyer, We arrange meetings with the refinery to assure both parties of the safety. When the seller is title holder, the buyer can do their Due Diligence on the FCO and we can send a full set of POP on bank screen, before the buyer puts the final instrument.
Most of the times, when you see CIF procedure, you can almost be sure that the offer is either fake or if you have done the DD and you are sure, then it is probably a title holder or a re-seller. Normally, the refineries sell on FOB basis only. So if you receive a SCO with a price lower than the market, just walk away. The resellers need huge profit to send million dollars of petroleum products to your port. So DO NOT expect a big discount on the market price. Because how can they spend millions of dollars and still give you a price up to 100$ per Metric Ton below the market??!

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