We, Giti Zomorod Pars (GZP) Trading, registered in Iran with partners from Spain, USA, Kuwait, UK, India,Ukraine, Nigeria,Turkey ,UAE , etc… Provide efficient solutions that facilitate international trade. With Direct access to suppliers of Petroleum products, precious metals and stones, fertilizers and agriculture products from all over the Globe, we are ready to open new relationships with all the buyers and suppliers.

We are connected to a refinery and one title holder.

Our company’s main interest is Petroleum products. We provide satisfying documents bank to bank or in the meeting at official office of the refineries, depending on the product.

Some examples of the products that we have direct access to:

Petroleum :  Light Crude ( Middle East Origin) , LPG ( Iran origin ) , D2 ( Iran and Russia ) , Jet Fuel (Russian )

Precious Metals: Gold, Silver

Fertilizers: Urea, Granular and lump Sulphur

Precious and semi-precious Stones: Diamonds, Persian Turquoise, Ruby

Agriculture: Sugar, Barley Rice, Corn, Iranian Saffron, etc…



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